Sunday, September 2, 2012

Top 20 Favourite Mad Men Characters


I already did one of these for Game of Thrones, so I figured that I'd do one for Mad Men, another show that ranks amongst the best of all time. There are fewer characters in Mad Men, let alone characters that I like, so I'm doing a Top 20 as opposed to 25. Anyways, enjoy!

20. Betty Draper Francis
Played by: January Jones

19. Megan Calvet Draper
Played by: Jessica Pare

18. Carla
Played by: Deborah Lacey

17. Ida Blankenship
Played by: Randee Heller

16. Faye Miller
Played by: Cara Buono

15. Paul Kinsey
Played by: Michael Gladis

14. Anna Draper
Played by: Melinda Page Hamilton

13. Salvatore "Sal" Romano
Played by: Bryan Batt

12. Rachel Menken
Played by: Maggie Siff

11. Henry Francis
Played by: Christopher Stanley

10. Trudy Campbell
Played by: Alison Brie

9. Harry Crane
Played by: Rich Sommer

8. Roger Sterling (who was a lot higher on the list before Season 4)
Played by: John Slattery

7. Lane Pryce
Played by: Jared Harris

6. Ken Cosgrove
Played by: Aaron Staton

5. Bert Cooper
Played by: Robert Morse

4. Sally Draper
Played by: Kiernan Shipka


3. Margaret "Peggy" Olson
Played by: Elisabeth Moss

2. Don Draper (Dick Whitman)
Played by: Jon Hamm

1. Joan Holloway Harris
Played by: Christina Hendricks

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