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And Then There Were None/Ten Little Indians dreamcasting


Ten Little Indians is a book by Agatha Christie, possibly her best-known novel, and likely the 

greatest murder mystery novel ever written, as well as one of my person favourites. I have an 

idea for a star-studded  adaptation . I have seen one of the cinematic adaptations of it, but I 

absolutely loathed it and watched it for about 10 minutes and one death before I turned it off 

because it infuriated me so much. For those of you who haven't read the book or don't know

what it's about, I shall provide a short synopsis.

Ten Little Indians is a novel where ten different people are lured to an island, under various 

pretenses. When they get to the island, they discover a quiet butler, a pale, ghostlike cook, 

and the abscence of their host and hostess. After a wonderful dinner, they hear a mysterious 

voice accusing them of committing various crimes that they never got their comeuppance for. 

One of them chokes on whiskey, and tension soon mounts as more of them get bumped off 

and they have to figure out who did it. The title comes from the fact that the killer is committing 

these crimes, basing them on a poem called Ten Little Indians (an ironic calling card if you 

will), and that is all I will say for fear of  spoilers. I have ideas for who will play the characters 

and I shall provide the short synopsis from the book for each character to further explain.

*I know there's an unrealistic amount of big name stars in this, just find your suspension of disbelief and enjoy!


Natalie Portman as Vera Claythorne

An ex-governess with a Coroner's Inquest in her past. She had been completely absolved of all guilt--she said, even the boy's mother hadn't blamed her.

Tom Hardy as Philip Lombard

A soldier-of-fortune, his past didn't bear close examination, yet he was the only one that felt it necessary to carry a gun to Indian Island.

Robert DeNiro as Detective Inspector Blore

The blunt, bearlike ex-CID man tried to pass himself off as an African Colonial, but when the game was up, he amused himself by suspecting everyone else's motives.

Jack Nicholson as Justice Lawrence Wargrave

The reptilian man, known in the press and the courts as a "hanging judge", had the blood of countless prisoners on his hands. How many were innocent?

Helen Mirren as Emily Brent

A sixty-five year old spinster whose troubled dreams and rambling diary were the only indications of a disturbed-and perhaps dangerous-mind.

Anthony Hopkins as General John Macarthur

His life, as far as he was concerned, had ended in the trenches in the Great War. "I'll never leave Indian Island alive", he'd say to anyone that would listen.

Johnny Depp as Dr. Edward Armstrong

At first, the physician was a convenient disposer of sedatives and diagnostician of causes of death, but later the others remembered he was the one with the access to poison.

Andrew Garfield as Anthony Marston

Like a young, bronzed god, he came careening into his companions' lives as if he would live forever, but his stunning strength would prove pitifully inadequate against that of his unknown adversary. 

Michael Caine and Meryl Streep as Thomas and Ethel Rogers

The stammering butler and white, bloodless cook for the strange gathering on Indian Island had been the perfect servants, as the others learned when circumstances forced them to fend for themselves.


Zooey Deschanel as Leslie Macarthur

John Macarthur had loved Leslie, and believed in her absolutely. However, after he discovered her secret, he had sent her lover to his death and came home without acknowledging that he even knew what happened. But after the war, she had hardly seemed there anymore....

*I realize pairing Zooey Deschanel with Anthony Hopkins is creepy, but her character only exists in flashback and were she alive, she'd be in her sixties*

Jamie Bell as Arthur Richmond

Arthur was a good boy, and Macarthur was pleased that Leslie took a motherly interest in him, but it only took a letter in the wrong envelope for him to find out their secret and exact his revenge.

Elijah Wood as Edward Seton

A young, handsome, straightforward man accused of murdering an old woman in his trust, he ended up being the key figure in one of the Judge's most controversial cases, especially when his fate was sealed. Was he innocent? If he wasn't, then why was the Judge called to Indian Island?

Amber Tamblyn as Beatrice Taylor

Beatrice was a kind, well-mannered girl, brought up by good parents and thriving in the service of Emily Brent. However, she was cruelly cast out when her behaviour caught up with her and, with nowhere to turn, she threw herself into the river, her death leaving a disturbingly small blotch on Brent's conscience.

Ewan McGregor as Hugo Hamilton

Hugo had stood to inherit the entire Hamilton fortune had Cyril been born a girl. Unfortunately, his nephew meant financial ruin for him, and it was the only thing that prevented him and Vera from marrying. He loved Vera dearly, and she loved him in return, but after Cyril's death, he suddenly lost interest....

Asa Butterfield as Cyril Hamilton

The child in Vera Claythorne's care, whose accidental drowning death meant the transferrence of the family's fortune to his uncle. The death also caused a Coroner's Inquest for Claythorne, and seems to be the reason she is present at the island.

Kate Winslet as Mrs. Hamilton

Despite her son's tragic death, Mrs. Hamilton had never blamed Vera for the incident, dismissing it as merely an accident. In fact, she had prided Vera on keeping a cool head and excellent nerves.

Edward Norton as Isaac Morris

A slimy, reptilian man who made the arrangements for Indian Island, including Lombard's arrival and payment, and yet mysteriously disappeared once it was all over.

Marion Cotillard as The Sister

She was the only who knew of Armstrong's secret, and he had hoped she'd held her tongue. It would appear she did not, or else how would the tin voice know?

Hope you enjoyed!

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