Friday, February 17, 2012

And Then There Were None- Dream Cast

Since Wisenheimer made a blog with good ideas for movies, I thought I might make one presenting an idea of my own. Ten Little Indians is a book by Agatha Christie, possibly her best-known novel, and my personal favourite book. My idea is for a star-studded cinematic adaptation that would remain as close to the book as possible. I have seen one of the cinematic adaptations of it, but I absolutely loathed it and watched it for about 10 minutes and one death before I turned it off because it infuriated me so much. For those of you who don't know what it's about, I shall summarize it for you.

Ten Little Indians is a novel where ten different people are lured to an island, under various reasons. When they get to the island, they discover a quiet butler, a pale, ghostlike cook, and the abscence of their host and hostess. After a wonderful dinner, they hear a mysterious voice accusing them of committing various crimes that they never got their comeuppance for. One of them chokes on whiskey, and tension soon mounts as more of them get bumped off and they have to figure out who did it. The title comes from the fact that the killer is killing them based on a poem called Ten Little Indians, and that is all I'm going to tell you. I have ideas for who will play the characters and I shall provide the short synopsis from the book for each character to further explain.

For the record, suspend your disbelief about the likely clashing egos and HUGE wage bill. This is my cast, and I get to pick whomever I want.


"An ex-governess with a Coroner's Inquest in her past, she had been completely absolved of all guilt, she explained-even the boy's mother hadn't blamed her."

I think that Natalie Portman would be perfect to play her because the role requires a certain amount of class and Portman has that in spades. Plus, she's a terrific actress, and has brought something great to each role she has played (even Queen Amidala)


"A soldier-of-fortune, his past didn't bear close examination either. He was the only one that felt it necessary to carry a gun to Indian Island."

The role requires some toughness and and a world-weariness that I feel Tom Hardy could pull off. He also has the look of someone who has traveled the world, and that is needed for the character.


"The blunt, bearlike ex-CID man tried to pass himself off as an African Colonial, but when the game was up he amused himself by suspecting everyone else's motives."

 I haven't seen De Niro in much, but something about him makes me think he could play a detective well. Regardless, he has been pretty much great in everything I've seen him in (and according to the work he has been in that I haven't seen, he is a splendid actor) and he would bring justice to this role.


The reptilian old man, known in the press and the courts as a "hanging judge", had the blood of countless prisoners on his hands. How many of them were innocent?

This type of role requires a seasoned actor, and Nicholson is just that. I have a feeling that Nicholson could pull off this role and take the position of leadership that the character requires.


A sixty-five year old spinster whose troubled dreams and rambling diary were the only indications of a disturbed-and perhaps dangerous-mind.

I imagine Helen Mirren could play a religious nut very well, and has an authority and self-righteousness about her that would be perfect for this character. Plus, she's a terrific actress no matter what, just like the other actors I have mentioned thus far.


"His life, as far as he was concerned, had ended in the trenches in the Great War. "I'll never leave Indian Island alive", he said to anyone who would listen."

Anthony Hopkins can play crazy very well, judging by his most famous performance, and I have a feeling that he would bring a great dignity to the role. Anyway, I did cast him for a reason.


"At first the physician was a convenient dispenser of sedatives and diagnostician of causes of death, but later the others remembered that he was the only one who had easy access to poison."

Johnny Depp is one of the finest character actors of our time, and Dr. Armstrong is certainly a character. The character himself is incredibly interesting and Depp could bring everything necessary to this role.


"Like a young, bronzed god, he came careening into their lives as if he would live forever. His stunning strength proved pitifully inadequate against that of his unknown adversary."

Andrew Garfield is certainly handsome enough to perform this role (as one of Marston's defining traits is is handsomeness), but unlike some attractive young actors, he's not just coasting on his looks. He actually has talent to go behind the role, and he would certainly bring greatness to the role.


"The stammering butler and white, bloodless cook for the strange gathering on Indian Island had been the perfect servants, as the others learned when circumstances forced them to fend for themselves."

 Michael Caine and Meryl Streep are terrific actors, and The Dark Knight has proven that he can play butler. Plus, Meryl Streep would bring class and elegance, but also quiet fear to her role as Mrs. Rogers.

I will post my choices for the flashback characters soon.

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  1. If I was a Hollywood exec, I'd either be hiring you for the potential amount of "win" that you'd get with this cast or having a coronary at the potential wage bill alone.

    A great idea and a fantastic cast. If this was the perfect Hollywood system, you'd be hired.