Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Rundown

Since the new year has already started, I have decided to jump on the bandwagon and post my thoughts about the notable films coming out this year. This will be a more general look-through, but at the end, I will post my top 10 most anticipated films of the year. Looking at the releases, it could be a pretty good year. Another thing, I haven't seen that many trailers, but my opinions of some movies may change after I do.


This is a month where I don't generally pay attention to movies, because January is generally when the shitty movies that couldn't get released the previous year.

The Devil Inside- Entirely uninterested. I am not a horror fan, but even seeing the TV spots makes me think that it will suck (not unlike The Rite last year)

Beauty and the Beast 3D Re-Release- I adore the movie, and if I get the chance, I might see it in theatres (even if just for the novelty that it came out five years before I was born). I hope this gets as much of a positive response as the re-release of The Lion King, because BATB is just as good a film.

Contraband- Looks like a cliched generic action thriller about the guy who is forced back into a life of crime that just happens to star Mark Wahlberg. Needless to say I will not be seeing it.

Joyful Noise- Not interested in this at all, looks like a bland spiritual musical and a typical January release. I'm sure it will find its audience, but I'm not in that audience.

Big Miracle- One in the 'inspirational true story' crowd. I feel similarly to Joyful Noise with this one, I'm sure it will find his audience but I'm not in that audience either.

We Need To Talk About Kevin- Judging by the overwhelmingly positive response from my fellow film buffs, I should definitely see this, although it is most definitely not going to be released where I live.

Underworld: Awakening-  I have not seen any of the other films in this series, so chances are, I will not be seeing this. The series does not look interesting either, and I am female, so Kate Beckinsale's attractiveness has no bearing on me

Haywire- This is the movie that I am looking forward to most this month because after seeing the trailer in theatres, it looks friggin' awesome. It has Steven Soderbergh directing, an all-star cast, and some great looking action, which is enough to sell the film to me.

Red Tails- I haven't seen the trailer for this one, and seeing the trailer may change my opinion, but I'll wait for the reviews on this one because Lucas has become a very hit-or-miss director over the years

Man on a Ledge- Despite my lack of faith in Sam Worthington's acting, the TV spots for this film look very promising. It is an interesting premise and it looks like it could be good, but I'm reserving judgement and waiting for the reviews.

The Grey- Looks like it could be really good or really bad, but without a doubt, Liam Neeson should be good (even if he gets eaten by wolves).

Amityville Horror: The Lost Tapes-  Looks like just another found footage movie and another attempt by Hollywood to leave no franchise dormant.


The Woman in Black: I want to see this for no real reason other than to see if Daniel Radcliffe can play a role outside Harry Potter, which he has been playing for his entire career. Plus, the trailer looks very interesting and it could make for some good February entertainment.

Chronicle: I had not heard anything of this film prior to watching a most anticipated of 2012 list, and I have to say, it looks pretty damn good. Yet another found footage film, but this one seems to be an interesting spin on the kids-with-powers genre. Still going to wait for the reviews though.

Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace 3D Re-Release: I don't entirely object to the Star Wars re-releases, as I would love to see Revenge of the Sith and maybe Empire Strikes Back in the theatres. However, Phantom Menace was my least favourite of all of the Star Wars films and I likely wouldn't waste my money (or anyone else's for that matter) to see it in theatres. Darth Maul speaks though, so that might be interesting.

The Vow- Looks like another sappy romance movie. Surprisingly, it isn't a Nicholas Sparks adaptation.

Safe House- Reserving judgement on this one, as I have heard next to nothing about it. Denzel Washington should be good though.

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island: Looks like it should be fine for kids, like Journey to the Centre of the Earth before it, but I have absolutely no interest in it. Just yet another unnecessary 3D sequel.

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance:  I have not seen the first one, but I hear it was a brilliant concept (like the soundtrack) that was executed poorly. I'd have to say that the trailer for this looks pretty good and the concept art looks utterly brilliant. Nic Cage pissing fire aside, I would definitely see this.

The Secret World of Arrietty- With the overwhelmingly positive response from British critics and the simple fact that it is from Studio Ghibli, I would absolutely love to see this movie, whether in cinemas or not. The trailer looks awesome, and although I have not read the story that this is based on, it still looks great.

This Means War- Despite the strong cast of Pine, Hardy, and Witherspoon, I am reserving judgement on this one until the reviews come in.

Wanderlust- Despite being a fan of Paul Rudd, I have no interest in this.


The Lorax- The trailer for this looks okay. I'm actually surprised this didn't get an Earth Day release though, considering the nature of the original Dr. Seuss story. The animation looks incredible, but it looks like the story will deviate from the actual story of the Lorax and may be dedicated strictly to kids humour. So I'm going to wait for the reviews on this one.

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters- Looks like it could be just another dark, edgy fairytale venture, but I love fairytale movies and I am definitely excited for this one, although there is no major news, not even a trailer yet. I don't exactly have confidence in Gemma Arterton's acting, but I like Jeremy Renner and he has had a fine couple of years thus far. Hopefully this will not be a stain on his career. Famke Janssen should be good too, and I'd like to see her play a role other than Jean Grey in the X-Men films.

John Carter- This one I'm looking forward to. If it were in the hands of anybody else nowadays, it would likely suck ass, but the main reason I want to see this is the fact that it is directed by Andrew Stanton, the director of Finding Nemo and WALL-E. The principal photography looks excellent as well, and it looks like it should be some entertainment. I know it is a very old story (one that I haven't read, but would like to), and a film adaptation has been in the works since the 1930's, so I'm glad it's finally getting made.

The Raven- Ever since I heard this movie was made and ever since I saw the trailer, I was absolutely psyched for this movie. I will admit, John Cusack was an extremely weird choice to play Edgar Allan Poe, but the weird casting doesn't take away from the awesomeness of the trailer, which looks dark, exciting, and quasi-original. Definitely want to see this in theatres.

21 Jump Street- Leave nothing dormant, I always say. In this case, I means Hollywood. I know 21 Jump Street was a popular television series which elevated Johnny Depp to the status of teen superstar. That explains why it is getting a re-boot/adaptation, except with Jonah Hill (the film he lost all that weight for) and Channing Tatum. It has the potential not to suck, but I wouldn't get my hopes up.

Mirror Mirror- Unlike most of the general public, I am actually looking forward to seeing this movie, as well as Snow White and the Huntsman. Although they are based on the same fairytale, they are meant to be entirely different movies and if this film has one thing going for it, it is the visuals. This is standard, as the film is directed by Tarsem Singh, who's signature is the fact that his films (The Cell, The Fall, Immortals)  all have impeccable visuals. This is his first attempt at a family-friendly film and here's hoping he will pull it off. I am much more optimistic about this one.

Wrath of the Titans- I did not like the original Clash of the Titans, so naturally when I heard they were making a sequel, I was unimpressed. The trailer.....well, the trailer looked okay, but the trailer to the first one looked okay as well, so I hold no stock in that. The only reason I would see this is if someone dragged me, and if I were to watch it of my own free will, the only reason I would watch it is for Liam Neeson as Zeus or Ralph Fiennes as Hades, as they were the only two things that I liked in the first film. So despite Neeson and Fiennes, I will not be seeing this. I'm sure there will be people who like it, but I am not going to be one of those people. Oh, and I saw the trailer in a 2D theatre and it still looked muddled and dark, I can't imagine how bad it would look in 3D.

The Hunger Games-  I haven't read any of the books, but I grow more excited for this movie at every scrap of news that I hear about this film. Why? Because it looks great that's why. I love the trailer, I love the cast, I love the premise, and I love the fact that it is being set up as the next teen franchise now that Harry Potter is over and Twilight is winding down. I really hope it's good, as I have high expectations for it. If the trailer is any sign, it might end up being one of the best of the year. No teen franchise can compare to Harry Potter, but hopefully this one will come close.

Pirates! Band of Misfits- I am a huge fan of Aardman Animations, and I have been looking forward to this movie even before Arthur Christmas came out. They are generally known for making good stuff and this looks like no exception. The animation looks great, the trailer looks funny, the premise is great, and I am a huge Hugh Laurie fan, so I'd love to see him do another animated role. One of my most anticipated of the year.


The Three Stooges- Blaspheme. That is what I have to say regarding this movie, blaspheme. Why can't they just show the short films in theatres again as opposed to butchering the great names of Howard/Fine/Howard by having a modernized adaptation with fucking Snooki in it. I saw the trailer for this and it looks fucking stupid, and that's what it will be. It has no respect for the great work of the original Stooges and it disgusts me that this movie has even gotten made. Larry, Curly, and Moe would be pitching and tossing in their graves. Shame on you Farrelly brothers, shame the fuck on you.

Titanic 3D Re-Release- I am a fan of the movie, and I am actually quite looking forward to this re-release. I feel it is different because the date of re-release actually makes sense. It is being released on the 100th anniversary of the sinking, which seems an appropriate time to re-release the movie. If there is one thing that James Cameron can do, it's 3D, and this should certainly be good. Plus, it might make enough money to take back its spot as highest grossing film of all time.

The Cabin in the Woods- This looks like it could be okay. I know next to nothing about it other than  the fact that it is directed by Joss Whedon. Whedon is also the director of The Avengers, and I have heard good things about him, so I'll be reserving judgement until the reviews come in. One thing I have to say though, the poster design looks pretty awesome.

American Reunion- No interest in this series, no interest in this film.

The Five-Year Engagement- This looks like it could be funny, the trailer seemed promising and it may increase my love for Jason Segel, as he is rising to be one of my favourite actors. Emily Blunt should be great as well, and this movie will hopefully be funny.

The Lucky One-  Fuck Nicholas Sparks. That is all.


The Avengers- Yesyesyesyesyes!!!!!!! I still need to see The Incredible Hulk and Captain America before seeing this, but since the moment I heard this movie was being made I was absolutely stoked about it. Joss Whedon is directing, Loki is back as a villain, the trailer absolutely kicks ass (I don't even care that it focused on Robert Downey Jr., Iron Man is the leader of the group), and of course, there are all the awesome superheroes that we have been introduced to since The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man came out. Which reminds me of the main reason why this is going to rock. This has been built up for four years, it would take some real assholes to disappoint like that. I don't even care if I have to see it in 3D, I want to see this in theatres.

Dark Shadows- As a big fan of Tim Burton's work, especially his collaborations with Johnny Depp, I cannot wait to see this film, and due to his particular body of work, I'm surprised that it has taken him this long to get to vampires. All I am going on is a cast shot out of Entertainment Weekly, but that cast shot already looks awesome and the star-power Burton has assembled (which does include regulars Depp and Bonham-Carter as well as some new to his work, like Chloe Moretz and Eva Green)  is certainly impressive. Plus, it should include Burton's typical visual flair and it may tip the scale of good vampire movies vs bad vampire movies.

The Dictator- I predict that Sacha Baron Cohen will knock his performance out of the park as per usual, but critical reception for this film could go either way. The trailer had some funny stuff in it, and it could definitely become a smash success like Borat. It will definitely make money regardless of critical reception, but needless to say, I will be reserving judgement on this one until the reviews come in. Regardless, I'll probably be forbidden to see it, as I was Borat and Bruno (although I own them both).

Battleship- Quite frankly this movie looks silly. It may serve as some entertaining summer fun but it looks like they are setting this up to be the next Transformers franchise, with the navy in place of the army. Honestly, the concept of alien navy ships sounds much more ridiculous. I don't even think Liam Neeson can salvage this one. I can see this making money and I can see this spawning a franchise, but unless they pull a total surprise on me, I have a feeling that this won't be very good.

Men in Black III- I saw the trailer and it looked....okay. Not unlike Men in Black II, I think this movie will be okay. Smith and Jones will be awesome as always, and I'm happy that Jemaine Clement (of Flight of the Conchords) is cast as the villain because he is generally awesome (in both music and movies). The effects are guaranteed to be awesome, but the problems that will definitely be present are in story and in script. I wish the plot was more alien-y and less time travel-y because after all, the Men in Black films are about aliens. I'll probably end up seeing this to complete the series, and I will see for myself whether or not it is good

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  1. Good list, Rachel. I'll do the commenting thing again

    The Devil Inside- Yeah, I don't like the look of this one either

    Beauty and the Beast 3D Re-Release- It's been ages since I saw this, may be worth a watch

    Contraband- Saw a trailer for this in cinemas, definitely looks cliched, I agree. Not bothered

    Joyful Noise- Never heard of it

    Big Miracle- Same as joyful noise

    We Need To Talk About Kevin- Already released in cinemas here, missed it, will wait for the DVD

    Underworld: Awakening- Not interested either

    Haywire- I missed the chance to see this for free. Grrr, it does look goos though.

    Red Tails- Not interested, Lucas can go cluck himself.

    Man on a Ledge- Might be good, not in a hurry to see it though

    The Grey- How has Liam Neeson grown into such a cinematic badass? Looks okay, but not rushing to see it

    Amityville Horror: The Lost Tapes- No


    The Woman in Black: Will wait for the reviews, looks okay

    Chronicle: Really interested in this one

    Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace 3D Re-Release: No, George Lucas isn't going to get me to see this in cinemas again, he can go cluck himself again.

    The Vow- Nah

    Safe House- Will wait

    Journey 2: The Mysterious Island: No interest

    Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance: Want to see this, hope its better than the first

    The Secret World of Arrietty- Wouldn't mind seeing this

    This Means War- could be okay, sounds interesting

    Wanderlust- Never heard of it


    The Lorax- Not interested

    Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters- Sounds good, may give it a shot

    John Carter- I've heard it's quite good and actually delivers an emotional storyline, so i'm more interested in it now

    The Raven- Not interested

    21 Jump Street- Trailer was funny, am holding out hope

    Mirror Mirror- Don't like Tarsem Singh, don't like the trailer, avoiding it.

    Wrath of the Titans- Not interested.

    The Hunger Games- Could be okay, will wait.

    Pirates! Band of Misfits- Not very interested.


    The Three Stooges- Hollywood can eat shit and die.

    Titanic 3D Re-Release- It seems a bit in bad taste to me, as if its saying "Its 100 years since your ancestors died, here's the film about it IN 3D!". I mean, would you release United 93 in 3D on the 100th anniversary of 9/11?

    The Cabin in the Woods- Whedon is known for subverting genres, I have 100% faith in him here.

    American Reunion- Was a fan of the series, trailer looks okay

    The Five-Year Engagement- I like Jason Segal, may give this a shot

    The Lucky One- I agree. That is all.


    The Avengers- This is being done by Joss Whedon. He's made four amazing TV shows, all focusing on a large group of characters, and a film spin-off from one of the shows. Plus, he wrote the script for Toy Story. If this film sucks ass, I want the 2012 apocalypse to come early!

    Dark Shadows-I like Burton, but this doesn't interest me much.

    The Dictator- Few funny moments in the trailer, I hate to say it, but i think it'll suck.

    Battleship- No, just no!

    Men in Black III - Maybe, will wait for reviews first.