Saturday, February 5, 2011

Why Katherine Heigl still acts

I hate Katherine Heigl, and it is a total mystery how she still has a job seeing as pretty much every film she has been in is a shitty rom-com (except Knocked Up, that was good apparently). I think that Katherine Heigl is a device used to act in a movie and make her male lead look more charming, sexy and lovable by comparison. Don't believe me? Here's every rom-com Katherine Heigl has been in and her male lead. I have seen a good number of these movies and I know that all her characters are just shrews and are eventually loosened up by the sexy, charming, lovable:

- Seth Rogen in Knocked Up
- Ashton Kutcher in Killers
- Josh Duhamel in Life as We Know It
- James Marsden in 27 Dresses
- Gerard Butler in The Ugly Truth

Look at this blog and tell me this isn't true. Anyway, if you have any thoughts you can message me back on RT or something.


  1. Those movies all suck, but I hate the males in them. Rogen isn't funny, Duhamel is an ass, etc. But I like Heigl for one reason -- she's a smoker.

  2. Nice blog, I'm following,
    I haven't see any films with Heigl in, I tend to avoid those kinds of films. She does seem terrible though!